It’s a family affair for author Chris

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AUTHOR Chris Brookmyre will be one of hundreds of runners getting some festive exercise when three generations of his family take part in the jogscotland Christmas Cracker 5K Challenge on Sunday.

Chris (44) whose novels include Quite Ugly One Morning and Boiling a Frog, lives close to the Strathclyde Park venue and had entered with his mother Grace, wife Marisa Haetzman and 12-year-old son Jack.

He admits it was Grace who roped the rest of the family in to take part in the Christmas Cracker. He and Marisa were quick to jump on board as they are both keen runners, but they’re still working on instilling the habit in young Jack.

He said: “My wife started running about a year and a half ago, she decided she wanted to do the Women’s 10K, and we’ve also been trying to get our son to go out running.

“He’s very energetic but doesn’t take part in a lot of sports, she takes him out with her but he goes haring off ahead of her and can’t last the distance.

“My mum’s been doing 10Ks for years - she’s quite an experienced runner for someone who didn’t take it up until their 50s. She’s now in her late 60s and she’s out running all the time.

“It was her idea  -  she was looking up races that we could all do together, and said ‘Do you want to do it?’ It was a ‘Yes’ pretty quickly from my wife and I, but Jack was told he was doing it!

“I think we decided to do it because of the convenience of it being nearby, and sometimes it’s something like that which provides the impetus for us all to do something together.”

The jogscotland Christmas Cracker 5K Challenge starts at 11am at the Boathouse, open to anyone over the age of 11, who are welcome to walk, run or jog the course.

Entry is £9 (£7 for jogscotland members), for more information visit jogscotland or call 0131 539 7350.