Iain is aiming to Butcher champ

Iain Butcher in training with brother Eddie
Iain Butcher in training with brother Eddie
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Motherwell boxer Iain Butcher heads to Liverpool on Saturday as he aims to become the new British and Commomnwealth flyweight champion.

Undefeated in eight fights the 21-year-old takes on Kevin Satchell in his home town and after a successful training camp is confident of victory.

Butcher said: “I’ve had a guy up from Bristol, been down to Manchester and been working with Ricky Burns so my training has went really well.

“Ricky has not only been helping me with sparring but also nutrition and what to do in the ring and you can’t do much better than taking advice from a two-time world champion at two weights and will try to take it all into the fight with me.”

On paper Butcher goes into the fight as slight underdog against the more experienced Satchell, but feels the champ may have a padded record.

He said: “Satchell’s had more rounds than me, but the level of opponent he boxed before getting the title wasn’t of the standard I faced .

“I was put in at the deep end when I started, but I’m glad as I’m now fully prepared.

“It’s the fight we were chasing and fully confident of victory, I believe I can beat him and go on to bigger things.”

Butcher says he has no fear of walking into Satchell’s back yard.

He said: “I’ve boxed in people’s home town shows before and as an amateur I went all over the world.

“Places like Russia and Poland really get behind their fighters, that’s the best preparation possible for a hostile crowd.

“There was nothing holding me back, certainly not fear, and Iaim to show fighting for titles is where I belong here.”

Butcher has been trained for the fight by his older brother Eddie.

He said: “Iain is looking well, he’s done everything right and now he’s ready to go.

“It would mean a lot to the family if he won the title, but more to him as he’s been doing this since he was 12-years-old.

“When he turned pro two years ago he was better than the boys who were fighting for the British titles, he just didn’t have the experience, now he does and is more than ready.

“Satchell is good lad, but if Iain performs the way he can he’ll beat him.”

His manager Paul Graham admits he wishes he’d multiple Butchers in his stable.

He said: “Eddie and Iain are mature beyond their years, they’re consummate professionals, and I wish I had ten of them.

“It’s not my job to come to the ring, it’s my job to make the fights and I’m delighted with how everything’s been going..

“The cream always rising to the top, it’s impossible to ignore Iain now, we couldn’t have done anything differently and I’m a 100 per cent confident he is going to win.”