Holytown MMA ace Chris Bungard goes for British title this Saturday

Chris Bungard hopes to be celebrating like this in the ring again on Saturday night
Chris Bungard hopes to be celebrating like this in the ring again on Saturday night

Holytown MMA star Chris Bungard is preparing to fight a clown in Sunderland this Saturday night, but it will be no easy contest for him!

For Bungard (28) will be taking on Colin Fletcher – who famously dresses up as a clown for fights – in a battle for the British Lightweight title.

“I know everything about Colin,” Bungard told the Motherwell Times. “He has a persona, dressed up as a clown, and it is all part of the show.

“Colin is one of the most famous fighters in the UK and used to be in the UFC.

“He has fought on the biggest shows in the world and is a former winner of The Ultimate Fighter. Colin is a well respected name in MMA and a fans’ favourite.

“He is a very good fighter, long and rangy, very durable and has managed a lot of technical submissions.”

Bungard currently has a professional MMA record of 11 wins and three losses, but faces a real battle to improve that on Saturday, when Fletcher has home advantage.

What might help the Holytown fighter is that Fletcher (34) has faced making a 7kg weight cut for his first lightweight contest in years, having made his name in the heavier welterweight class.

“This will be one of the toughest fights of my career,” Chris added. “But I have put in the training and I’m ready.

“I’m by far the younger fighter and I think that could be significant on the night.

“I’m young and hungry. Colin has had his shot at the UFC and that is where I’m aiming to be.

“I think it is time for him to step aside and let other people have a shot.

“I already have a European title and a Scottish title and it would be nice to add a British title to that.”

Bungard spoke about the carrot of potentially impressing selectors enough to be picked for the UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship).

This is the largest MMA promotion in the world and features the top-ranked fighters of the sport.

“It would be a dream if I made it to the UFC and joined the elite,” Bungard added.