We have to think play-off is still at 0-0 says Law

Josh Law
Josh Law

Josh Law says Motherwell have to approach today’s play-off second leg as if the score is still 0-0.

’Well are 3-1 up from Thursday’s first leg at Ibrox, but Law believes it would be dangerous to run out at Fir Park thinking about anything else than winning the game.

He said: “Everyone could see our attitude and work rate and I think we dominated on Thursday to be honest, we countered their threats and threatened ourselves, but it’s only half-time and things can think very quickly.

“They have to come and get a couple of goals, but we can’t sit back and try to hang on, or we might end up with 90 minutes like the last 10 at Ibrox.

“I think you have to treat the match like it’s 0-0, to do anything else means you could come unstuck, and we’ll have our game plan to try and win the game.

“No matter the result there is no getting away from the fact it’s been a disappointing season, but if we can stay up then it is a bit of a reward for the fans for sticking with us.”

Law pledged his future to the club last week signing a new two-year before knowing what division ’Well will be playing in next season.

He said: “Decided for maybe a week or so I was going to sign again, I have been speaking to the club for quite a while and it was the best option.

“The club have been really good to me, the people here gave me my chance and I wanted to show a bit of loyalty.

“It’s been a good experience being in full time football for the first time, the first six months took me a little while to adapt, but especially since I switched to right-back I think I’ve come on to a bit of form and momentum so hopefully that continues.”

Law marries girlfriend Tara on Wednesday with Rangers midfielder Nicky Law, his brother, as best man, however there has been no brotherly love as the pair have gone head-to-head in the play-off.

He said: “It was the first time I had played against Nicky, it’s a bit weird, surreal even, when you look up and there is your brother, but that is more in the tunnel, when you are in the game you don’t think about it.

“As soon as the whistle went it was just like any other game, had there been a 50/50 or if there is one in the second leg then he’s just another player I’m trying to get the better off so I wouldn’t even think about it.

“It had been thought we might be directly opposite each other, but they played a different way, so I was up against Lee Wallace who is such a threat with his attacking prowess I was just concentrating on taking care of him.”