Robbo hits out at 'Well celebrations after losing 3-2 at relegated Inverness

Manager Stephen Robinson (centre) says assistant gaffer James McFadden (left) will likely not play for Motherwell next season (Pic by Alan Watson)
Manager Stephen Robinson (centre) says assistant gaffer James McFadden (left) will likely not play for Motherwell next season (Pic by Alan Watson)

Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson has hit out after a senior claret and amber player celebrated after losing 3-2 in 'Well's final league game of the season at Inverness Caley on Saturday.

"One of my players celebrating when we were 3-2 down like we'd just won the league was embarrassing," Robbo said.
"That mentality can't stay at the football club - accepting losing matches - whether it's the last game of the season or not.
"I don't expect anybody to be celebrating when you're getting beat 3-2. I've got to create a mentality in this club where it hurts to lose football matches because I'm certainly not celebrating.
"Nothing was taken for granted. We wanted to win the game here.
"But perhaps that's why we were where we were all season. Maybe it was too easy to lose games so that will change."
Robinson said that Motherwell were good in the first half in Inverness but errors in the second half had cost them, with young substitute Adam Livingstone having a tricky afternoon.
"I thought we were very good first half," Robinson said.
"I thought we controlled the game. Obviously we made a couple of changes, young boy's came on and made a couple of errors for the goals but he'll learn from that and get better.
"That's what happens at our club, we give young boys a chance and it was a game to do that there as well."
Robinson has 13 signed players for next season and now faces a busy summer of wheeling and dealing to bring about an improvement in the team's results next campaign.
"I would like to make a lot more changes but obviously we have got what we've got on paper" he said.
"And we'll be trying to wheel and deal with different things and try and get different players in most definitely.
"What we've proved is we've struggled this season so we do have to improve the squad."
Robinson said that he didn't think that his assistant James McFadden - a scorer on Saturday - would be involved as a player next season.
"A lot of big decisions need to be made going forward," the Northern Irishman said.
"To make sure we're not in this position next year.
"I met with the board yesterday and only found out my budget yesterday. We're at the very start of things.
"Remember we only got safe on Tuesday. We don't look too far forward at this stage.
"We get between three and five thousand fans so we can't have the budget of other clubs.
"I didn't take the job knowing we had a massive budget. So that's definitely not the excuse.
"We have to get the right people with the right mentality into this football club to make sure we're not in this position."