McGhee irked by Celts assistant

Mark McGhee urges on his Motherwell players against Celtic (Pic by Alan Watson)
Mark McGhee urges on his Motherwell players against Celtic (Pic by Alan Watson)

Celtic assistant manager Chris Davies incurred the wrath of Motherwell boss Mark McGhee, amid reports that Davies had “rubbed it in” after the champions’ late 4-3 win at Fir Park on Saturday.

“Some of the staff were not really Celtic quality in terms of their behaviour,” McGhee said.

“He (Davies) seemed for some reason to be angry that they’d won. So explain that to me, I don’t know.

“I don’t know his name actually, you’ve told me his name. I think that says it all.

“He wasn’t shaking hands with me for some reason.”

McGhee insisted that Motherwell assistant boss James McFadden hadn’t remonstrated with Brendan Rodgers at full-time, insisting that the Celtic manager had been “as good as gold”.

“Brendan as always was dignified in victory as he would be dignified in defeat,” McGhee said.

“Brendan and I enjoyed the game I think. I didn’t enjoy losing it of course.

“But I enjoyed my team’s performance. We were up against it in the second half but absolutely no issues there.”

McGhee praised the exciting football on display at Fir Park.

“It was a fantastic game,” he said. “I think that when you come to play a team like Celtic, the way they are at the moment, first and foremost you want to compete.

“You want to be able to come out and say we had a go and I think we did.

“We showed that. I think our first half performance was fantastic.

“They came at us in the second half. And I think that one of the things that Brendan (Rodgers) would have been able to say to them at half-time was that we are a team that concede goals.

“That is our problem at the moment.

“We’ve shown the goals we can score. We’ve scored three but we’ve conceded four.

“That is where we’ll be doing the work on the training field next week. We’ll be looking at that again and seeing where we can improve on that, defending and keeping a clean sheet when we’re ahead.

“That’s going to be important in December against all the other teams that we’re due to play.”