McGhee: Collum got red card wrong

Motherwell manager Mark McGhee
Motherwell manager Mark McGhee

Seven days after looking distraught to lose at Ibrox, Mark McGhee was not as despondent after Saturday’s 2-0 league defeat to Rangers.

m But Motherwell gaffer McGhee felt that referee Willie Collum was wrong to show a straight red card to Scott McDonald for a first half challenge on Kenny Miller.

“It’s not a sending off,” McGhee said.

“He (McDonald) toes it away. His heel’s on the ground and he’s toed it.

“But at the time I was looking over to the other side of the park to be honest because I thought he was about to switch it out the other side.

“The ball took a bobble and away.

“I don’t think he (whistler Collum) has evened it up. I think he’s thought it’s a sending off.

“It’s an important decision and it’s a decision he’s got wrong.”

McGhee felt his team had played well in the first half against Rangers.

“I thought we were better with 11 men,” he said.

“And I’m talking about when we both had 11. With 10 men we never really created any clear cut chances.

“I thought they had a lot of possession in front of us. We expect that.

“I think it was going to be down to who got the first goal.

“When we weren’t creating chances it looked more likely that they were going to get it and they did.

“So I’m not too upset by it. Certainly not like last week.

“I think we’ve got a lot of good. We’ve got great spirit and I think we’ve got great energy.

“I think at times we passed the ball well. We created chances early on.

“We need to convert some of them but I’m optimistic still about the fact that we’ve probably got the strongest squad we’ve had this season.

“And I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to.”

McGhee said that Rangers had “learned to take risks” which his side need to emulate in the coming weeks.

“We have not learned to take those risks in terms of pushing up against you and leaving two v two at the back.

“I think that they were able to put more pressure on us with the 10 men than we were able to put on them.

“And we’ve got to learn from that.”