McDonald blasts “arrogant” officials

Scott McDonald in action against Hamilton Accies on Saturday (Pic by Alan Watson)
Scott McDonald in action against Hamilton Accies on Saturday (Pic by Alan Watson)

Motherwell striker Scott McDonald has launched an astonishing tirade against “arrogant” referee Euan Anderson and his assistants Stuart Stevenson and Stephen Mitchell.

The Australian forward (33) was furious with their display at Hamilton Accies on Saturday, a game which saw McDonald yellow carded after an incident with Accies’ Gramoz Kurtaj on the far touchline. Whistler Anderson had earlier red carded Motherwell’s Lee Lucas for a two footed lunge at Hamilton’s Massimo Donati.

“The officials got the decision right today with the red card,” McDonald said. “We can’t complain about that.

“But in terms of when you try and talk to referees, they’re the worst I’ve had this year. The arrogance of them is incredible.

“In terms of the game itself, he didn’t have such a bad game. But in terms of just trying to speak to them, deplorable at times with the linesman. It was just awful.

“But you don’t mind them having a go back because you give them a bit.

“When it comes to it, if you ask a question answer the question. What he’s booked me for, he wouldn’t tell me.

“I’m thinking: ‘Why aren’t you telling me?’

“You’re booking me so I want to know why you’re booking me, I don’t understand.

“But he wouldn’t tell me. I have to persist with him.

“It happens, but they just didn’t make it a nice all game today, including on the touchline from what I hear. But it is what it is so we move on.”

McDonald praised ’Well’s battling qualities at Accies, adding: “We’re delighted with that. It almost feels like a win scoring that late.”