Drive for new members of Well Society

Tam Cowan signs up for the Well Society with chairman Brian McCafferty (Pic by Alan Watson)
Tam Cowan signs up for the Well Society with chairman Brian McCafferty (Pic by Alan Watson)

Motherwell FC chairman Brian McCafferty has revealed that fans can now join the club’s Well Society for as little as £5 a month.

The ’Well supremo (67) is keen to get as many people as possible to sign up for the scheme, to keep alive the long term aim of complete fan ownership.

“Brian said: “We carried out a survey about 18 months ago and we had about 1200 respondents, 700 of whom said they would like to join the Society but they couldn’t afford it.

“So that’s why we did away with the original model asking people to pay at least £300 up front. That is why we reduced it to £10, to make it affordable for folk.

“But following up those indiduals on the telephone, they were still saying they couldn’t afford it because they were out of a job or had other commitments.

“So that is why we have now said to those people and anyone else that they can join for a fiver.”

Motherwell FC owner Les Hutchison has previously warned that the fan ownership plan could be in serious jeopardy unless significantly more supporters sign up.

The Barbados-based philanthropist acquired John Boyle’s majority stake in January after putting forward an interest free loan to the club. The intention is for that shareholding to be transferred to the Well Society via repayment of the loan within a five-year period.

But that could be in serious doubt unless more Motherwell fans come on board soon.

Although the Well Society currently has around 1650 members, only a small fraction of these are thought to have signed up for the direct debit.

It works out that the members are only putting an average of £5 a month into the club, hence the major recruitment drive.

By the end of December, Hutchison wants to reach the target of 2000 members contributing an average of £10 a month.

Brian added: “The more money we get in, the quicker we can conclude the agreement. We can provide support for the club on a regular basis.

“I’m positively hopefully that we can reach 2000 members by the end of the year.

“It’s part of the strategy that the club has established that it wants to be a fan owned, community centred football club.

“It’s a model that we believe is worth pursuing.

“As a football club, we are keen to be a pillar of the community.

“We do a lot for the community. The community trust is an exemplary organisation that is part of the club.”

Brian said that, should the target figure of 2000 not be reached by the end of December, the club’s hierarchy would “keep on trying”.

“Two thousand is our initial target. We have a five-year agreement which we’re less than a year into.”

Fans can sign up by calling the club on 01698 333333 or visiting the Motherwell FC website.