Champ will vacate title before facing Iain again

Paul Graham
Paul Graham

Iain Butcher’s manager Paul Graham expect’s Kevin Satchell to vacate his title rather than have a rematch with the Motherwell fighter.

Butcher lost on points to Satchell in his bid to become British and Commonwealth flyweight champion on Saturday night.

However, the result was not without controversy, with most experts awarding the fight to Butcher, who has Satchell down in the second.

Graham said: “I had Iain winning by two points and that is me looking at the fight as an ex-referee with 13 years experience and 600 fights under my belt.

“Unfortunately the judges didn’t see it that way and you have to respect that and I think they were impressed by Satchell quantity over Iain quality.

“Satchell was throwing three or four punches for every one he landed, while Iain was throwing one and landing one.

“The problem is in the ring the fighters often have their backs to the judges so I think they were just swayed by Satchell’s movement.

“Perhaps in the second when Iain got the knockdown he should have jumped on him, but to give Satchells credit he did well to recover and showed his toughness and experience to get back in the fight.”

Graham is already seeking a rematch, but admits he doubts it will happen.

He said: “I have written to the board of the control asking Iain to be named as mandatory challenger, but I think if they say yes then Satchell will vacate the title.

“If he does then maybe we can get Iain in against Luke Wilton for the vacant belts, but we’ll just need to wait and see.

“In the meantime we will dust ourselves down and get on with it.

“At the moment I am gutted at the result as Iain won the fight, but he will learn from this and certainly didn’t disgrace himself.

“All of Motherwell can and should be very proud of him, it was a great effort.”