Bowlers among the silverware

Holytown Bowling Club presentation night
Holytown Bowling Club presentation night

Members of Holytown Bowling Club rounded off a successful year in style with their annual presentation of prizes.

This year’s winners were -

Club Triples: J Horne, N Jenkins, A Jenkins; runners-up: M Jeffrey, W Stevenson, A Paterson. Helen Neil Trophy: C Alexander, J Thompson, A Jenkins; runners-up: N Jenkins, K Monaghan, I Hay.

Holiday Weekend Triples: J Thompson, I Hay, T Thompson; runners-up: N Jenkins, T Kain, C Graham. Adult & Junior Pairs: A McLaughlin, S Alexander; runners-up: C Young, D Muircroft.

Nomination Pairs: N Jenkins, A Jenkins; runners-up: K Monaghan, T Sloan. Under-55 Trophy: G Drummond; runner-up: B Gaffney.

Wm McKnight Trophy: G Drummond; runner-up: M Paterson.

Gents’ Supplementary Pairs: R Alexander, M Paterson; runners-up: A Swankie, S Alexander.

‘Maw Baillie’ Trophy: R Muircroft; runner-up: C Young. Captain’s Trophy: C Young; runner-up: R Muircroft. Most Improved: R McLaughlin.

Andy Gray Trophy: N Jenkins, T Ross; runners-up: L Coburn, A Jenkins.

General Motors Trophy: K Durnion, T Sloan; runners-up: M Paterson, R Alexander. Junior Pairs: R Baillie, C Young; runners-up: D Mathieson, A McLaughlin. Ladies’ Pairs: A McCutcheon, L Coburn; runners-up: A Porter, L Mathew.

Gents’ Pairs: T Thompson, D Weir; runners-up: T Ross, T Sloan. Handicap Trophy: T Sloan; runner-up: A Baillie. President’s Trophy: R Alexander; runner-up: C Graham. Junior Champion: C Young, runner-up: R Baillie.

Senior Champion: T Sloan; runner-up: T Thompson. Ladies’ Champion: L Coburn; runner-up: L Mathew. Gents’ Champion: J Ferguson; runner-up: T Sloan.

Under-14 Player of the Year: R Baillie. Junior Player of the Year: C Young. Player of the Year: T Sloan.