Beaten Kris weighs up his ring options

Kris Hughes
Kris Hughes

Bellshill boxer Kris Hughes says moving up in weight will get his career back on course.

After losing out to Carl Frampton for the Commonwealth super bantamweight title last month, Hughes (24) admits getting down to under nine stones proved too much, having fought his two previous opponents at more than 126 lbs.

He said: “I’m disappointed to have lost to Frampton, but after facing a real struggle to make the weight I had nothing left by the time I got in the ring.

“I need to look at featherweight or even super featherweight as I need to be in better shape when the bell rings.

“The time I did feel I was getting on top was at the start of the seventh round and that was when I got caught, so there is probably a lesson there.”

Hughes still believes he can make the mark on the sport that was predicted of him when he turned professional in 2006 and match what he believes Frampton is capable of.

He said: “I remembered Carl from when we were amateurs and he was a decent fighter then, but he has probably improved far more than I have since that time.

“It’s not out of the question that he could be competing for the top titles at world level and hopefully once I am fighting at the right weight I can follow suit.”

Full story in February 9 edition of Times & Speaker