Worshippers save OAP who ‘died’ in church

Motherwell South Parish Church
Motherwell South Parish Church

A pensioner who collapsed during a church service had his life saved by medics who happened to be in the pew behind him.

Abie Lees ‘died’ but was revived by the prompt actions of the congregation members at Motherwell South Parish Church.

The 72-year-old, who had a heart bypass more than 20 years ago, spent several days in hospital, but is now recovering at home.

Mr Lees, who lives in Larkhall, was attending a christening service at Motherwell South when he collapsed without warning.

It’s understood two nurses and a cardiologist were seated right behind him. One clambered over the pew to help after the pensioner fell to the floor.

Session clerk Ian Gray, a close friend of Mr Lees, said: “It was very fortunate they were right there behind them. Had they been in another part of church they might not have realised what had happened.

“We called an ambulance which arrived within 10 minutes. By that time Abie had ‘died’, but the congregation members brought him back.”

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