Work carried out on park loch

THE water level of the loch in Strathclyde Park has been lowered to allow maintenance work to take place.

The work includes inspecting the weirs and sluice gates along the south side of the water and repairs to the jetties at the watersports centre.

Jim Scullion, senior operations officer at the park, said: “Over the next two weeks, we will inspect each of the four weirs and the sluice gates and carry out any repairs to ensure they continue to operate effectively.

“We have also removed the jetties and anchored them in the middle of the water, so that we can inspect and repair the metal bolts that attach the jetties safely to the land.

“However we have installed a temporary jetty, allowing rowers and sailors to continue to use the loch while the maintenance work is ongoing. While the water level is down, we will also use a machine to level the shale around the edge of the loch.

“We always planned to carry out the work during the winter season when the park is quieter and the impact on the public is minimal. The lack of significant rain recently made the circumstances ideal.

“The work will be complete in plenty of time for the Easter holidays.”