Who will get your vote tomorrow?

Who will get your vote?
Who will get your vote?

It’s decision day tomorrow (Thursday) as the UK goes to the polls to elect the next Government.

Returning officer Gavin Whitefield is reminding everyone who is eligible to make their vote count.

He said: “You can vote any time between 7am and 10pm, and staff at the polling station will be able to answer any questions regarding the process.

“The UK Parliament deals with key issues that affect our everyday lives, such as the economy and finance, defence and foreign affairs, welfare benefits and agriculture, so it’s important that people have their say on who represents them at Westminster.”

To help you make up your mind the Times & Speaker asked the candidates why you should vote for them.

Motherwell & Wishaw

Frank Roy - Labour

Tomorrow you will have to make a tough decision about which Government you want to see in the UK – Labour or Tory.

The Tories want you to vote anything else but Labour, and that’s why they’re trying to boost the SNP here in Scotland.

For every one less Labour MP from Scotland, David Cameron has a better chance of staying on as Prime Minister.

Don’t let that happen, if you want a Labour Government to make the changes we need, then vote Labour, vote for me, Frank Roy, on May 7.

This is the community I grew up in, it’s the one that I live in and it’s the one that I will continue to fight for if you re-elect me.

Marion Fellows - SNP

Only with a strong team of SNP MPs can we make Scotland stronger at Westminster. We’ll look after the interests of the many - not just the wealthy few.

If elected, I will:

Vote against austerity cuts;

Protect vital local services like the Out of Hours Service at Wishaw General Hospital;

Use my Trade Union experience to fight for the living wage and enhanced workers’ rights;

Invest £100 billion in protecting public services, not in nuclear weapons;

Be our local champion, promoting what’s best about our communities both locally and nationally.

With your support, we can secure a better future for you, your family and for Scotland.

I promise I won’t let you down.

Ross Laird - Liberal Democrat

I want to see a fairer Motherwell and Wishaw - where everyone feels their voice counts and people from all walks of life can call home; where people can access excellent healthcare and education.

I want a prosperous area, where hard working individuals can grow their business and where people have access to high quality jobs. This is my vision and it is one I hope that you will share on May 7.

Scottish Liberal Democrats will cut income tax for people in Motherwell and Wishaw by another £400. We will change the law so that the state pension always rises higher than earnings or inflation every year and we will increase health spending in Scotland by £800m.

Neil Wilson - UKIP

The reason I joined UKIP two years ago was because I am tired of the old gang politicians and their failed policies and broken promises, and saw that UKIP is a party and the only party that is telling the working people how it is.

There are no lies, no broken promises, this is a party that truly believes in Britain to make Britain great again, a people’s army in the true sense of bringing common sense polices to benefit the people and not to line the pockets of the rich.

Now is the time for change, now is the time for the people to have their say, now is the time for UKIP to shine and now is the time for the people to take control of Britain’s future for our children’s future.

Meghan Gallacher - Conservative

In 2010, Labour left our country in a sorry state.

Due to the Conservative Government’s hard work and dedication, we are now seeing our country back on its feet, Employment opportunities are the main route out of poverty. In Motherwell and Wishaw alone, 4,400 jobs have been created.

This is due to our long term economic plan working and the only way we can guarantee the revival of our economy is to vote Conservative.

I am passionate about helping people find their feet.

Reforming the welfare system will ensure that hard work pays, but will also encourage people back into work and decrease the number of people living off benefits.

If you believe in Conservative principles, please vote for me and my Party on May 7.

Airdrie & Shotts

Matt Williams - UKIP

I believe people should vote for UKIP because we’re the only party offering real change.

I am completely opposed to the undemocratic and costly European Union.

I believe we should be free to make our own trade agreements, free to pass our own laws and free to have control of our own borders with an effective, fair and balanced immigration policy.

A vote for me is a vote for a fresh choice, for someone who will always look out for Airdrie & Shotts and offer a change from the usual cardboard cut out politics.

The Government should serve the people, not the other way around, politicians should be accountable and the people should come first.

Neil Gray - SNP

This election is about who is going to stand up for the people in Airdrie & Shotts and who is going to deliver real change at Westminster.

The SNP is the only party capable of doing both these things. If I am elected as the MP for Airdrie & Shotts I will work hard and be accessible to the people.

The SNP will use its influence to say no to £30 billion of new cuts.

These cuts are forcing people into poverty and foodbanks which is a disgrace.

We need to invest in our public services to deliver jobs and support our vulnerable people.

We need a team of SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland and deliver real change for our communities.

Please vote SNP on May 7.

Pamela Nash - Labour

It means the world to me to have spent the past five years working for the area I grew up in, and there is so much more to do.

In that time I’ve helped over 5,000 constituents with a range of issues including unemployment, the NHS, inadequate housing, and unfair wages and contracts.

Only the Labour Party has a plan for fixing these problems.

It is clear that we need a change, and that change is a Labour Government.

It is within touching distance, but we need more Labour than Tory MPs to kick Cameron out of Downing Street.

Every vote for SNP makes a Tory Government more likely, if you don’t want a Tory Government, vote Labour!

Eric Holford - Conservative

We should be governed, not by career politicians, but a parliament of our peers; real people who share the day-to-day issues of the electorate.

Airdrie & Shotts needs and deserves change, and we are the only one who will truly honour the referendum result.

I am 48, and with my wife of 27 years and our two children, have lived in Lanarkshire for over 20 years.

I run my own financial advisory business and though a tetraplegic wheelchair user, I still ride my motorcycle.

Being entirely dependent on it, the NHS is very close to my heart and will always defend it against the SNP’s disgraceful underfunding.

Having been a victim of the Welfare Trap for two years I will push to see the rapid introduction of Universal Credit.

John Love - Liberal Democrat

Liberal Democrats seek to balance the country’s budget fairly and invest in a high skill, low carbon economy, increasing the personal allowance to £12,500 which would put an extra £400 into each earner’s pocket.

We would seek quality healthcare for all with equal concern for mental health spending, and in education guarantee funding from nursery to college to provide opportunity for all.

On defence we would seek to renew our nuclear capability and build up our conventional forces, there is too much uncertainty in the world to do otherwise.

Over the past seven years the SNP have stripped local government powers and I would seek to redress that.

If you wish a change of MP don’t let the SNP in - vote Liberal Democrat.

Deryck Beaumont - Independent

Failed to supply a statement as requested.

Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill

Mhairi Fraser - Conservative

I fundamentally believe in three things: fairness, personal freedom, and the United Kingdom.

I believe it’s fair that if you work hard, you pay low taxes so that you can support your family, but I also think it’s fair that there’s welfare available if you find yourself in a difficult situation that you can’t help.

I believe you should be free to choose how to raise your children, free to conduct your private life in the way you want to and free to voice your opinions, all without the government interfering.

I believe the United Kingdom is still the greatest nation there is so if you share these views vote for me on May 7 and vote Conservative.

Scott Cairns - UKIP

As a passionate supporter of the party since the political world captured my attention at 15, I am a firm fan of many of UKIP’s policies.

Withdrawing the United Kingdom from the European Union and giving the ‘EU first’ jobs back to young British workers are policies which can only greatly benefit those living within the constituency I am standing for.

I hope I can represent the constituency by restoring a pride in being British and removing ourselves from The European Union which will enable us to spend some of the £50,000,000 we give up a day on vital social care and education.

I hope the constituency can become part of the purple revolution.

Robert Simpson - Liberal Democrat

Past governments of all colours have let down Lanarkshire.

This election is about choosing to be better - but a choice between the single-minded SNP and doomed, hopelessly out of touch Labour is no choice at all.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats offer a fair, balanced solution.

We want to cut taxes for ordinary people, and get the rich to pay their fair share.

We want secure pensions for the older generation, and secure college places for the younger.

We want a stronger Scottish Parliament that has the powers to make a real difference, while keeping the strength in numbers of the United Kingdom.

If you believe in a fairer, more liberal Scotland, vote Liberal. It’s that simple.

Tom Clarke - Labour

This is a General Election, not a referendum, and whether we have a Tory or Labour Government we will fight to eradicate poverty in my constituency.

We can’t take another five years of the Tories, Scotland had one food bank when Labour left office, and now we have 48.

Only a Labour Government can reverse Tory cuts, freeze energy charges, save the NHS from privatisation, abolish zero hours contracts, reassure pensioners and give hope to youngsters.

My commitment is to achieve a living wage, based on the concept of the minimum wage.

The Tories need the SNP to boost votes in England and the SNP exploit the Tories to demoralise Scots.

Throughout Britain we need a Labour Government – this is our opportunity.

Philip Boswell - SNP

My career as an oil contracts manager at home and abroad has provided me with extensive experience of Scotland’s oil and gas industries and lack of employment opportunities for local people is one of my chief concerns.

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill should be a hub for apprenticeships generated by a strongly performing engineering sector in Scotland.

Instead, industry in Scotland has struggled for support from Westminster, while our youth remain unemployed .

If elected , I will be a strong voice for our constituency and also be part of the SNP group at Westminster, who will work to put Scotland’s interests first.