Wendy’s sweet idea

INSPIRATION: Owner of Hug Box, Wendy Gibbs.
INSPIRATION: Owner of Hug Box, Wendy Gibbs.

A Motherwell mum who was told she would never work again managed to forge a successful career - by thinking inside the box.

Wendy Gibbs (40) sustained serious injuries to her right hand and wrist in an accident 20 years ago, and against the opinion of surgeons, managed to learn to write and type again following extensive surgery.

Wendy, mum to Dylan (17), has since established the popular local business Hug Box.

She said: “I had an accident with a large glass mirror which severed the artery and tendons in my right wrist and hand.

“My surgeon said I would never work again as I am right handed, but with years of physiotherapy I find a way to do most things and have relearned to write and type again for business.

“It is still a huge benefit being self-employed though, as it lets me work at my own speed and rest my hand when I need to.”

Hug Box offers a range of personalised gifts filled with sweets, treats and chocolates delivered for any occasion, which are proving very popular with Wendy’s customers.

Hug Box has nearly 4,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, and over 11,000 followers on Twitter.

Wendy said: “I have been self-employed for over 10 years, and launched Hug Box in April 2013 after selling my previous business.”

For more information, visit www.hugbox.co.uk.

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