’Well couple’s work triumph

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A Motherwell couple who ditched a life of 90 hours a week slog have won major recognition for their radically different approach to work.

Gordon and Gillian Nuttall took a long hard look at their ‘work-life balance’ and decided a major rethink was required.

Stress, lack of quality time, and ultimately total dissatisfaction with the way their professional lives were going persuaded them to go back to the drawing board.

They launched their own completely new venture, Glasgow-based recruitment firm Global Jobs Network, which operates along very different lines.

Now the philosophy in action has won the company Investors in People (IIP) status, a landmark success which it fully intends to take to the next stage.

Gordon said: “We took the view that if people aren’t able to fit in proper family life, and are coming to work stressed and totally under pressure, they’re hardly going to give their best.”

The idea of sustainable work also includes looking more imaginatively at how people may be qualified for jobs in a way not necessarily shown by their CV.

And according to Gordon their approach has proved to be very successful, even during the depths of the recession, when many firms cut costs drastically.

He said: “Because we are able to offer great results we get excellent contracts from clients who consider we represent a good investment.

“Our own company has had applications from people who meet the specification for a particular job on paper, but haven’t really been what we’re looking for in terms of attitude.

“Getting Investors in People recognition is great, because it’s a public acknowledgement that we’re delivering what we set out to do.

“In a market between 2008-2013 which was very tough economically, most companies had to cut costs.

“However we took the decision to continue investing in executive coaching for all our staff – and this paid huge dividends in terms of their performance and creating a successful and positive environment where people feel valued.”