Walkies turns into nightmare

Riley recovers from his ordeal with Melissa.
Riley recovers from his ordeal with Melissa.

A walk in the park turned into something of a nightmare for Muirhouse woman Jacqueline McKenna after an attack by two dogs.

Jacqueline regularly walks her two-year-old Lhasa Apso dog Riley.

Jacqueline and Riley were at Dalzell Estate on their regular afternoon walk last Tuesday (September 15) with Riley on his leash.

Two dogs, thought to be Staffordshire Bull Terriers appeared and ran at Jacqueline and her dog.

One managed to grip and hold Riley causing two serious puncture wounds.

Jacqueline tried to get the dog away and had her fingers badly injured in the process.

However, despite her own injuries she lay over the top of Riley to try to prevent him suffering further injury.

The owner of the other dogs ran over and managed to pull them away, but offered no apology.

Jacqueline was badly shaken and distressed about her dog’s injuries.

She took Riley to the vet who was able to confirm that there were no internal injuries, but there were concerns about the two wounds which were left by the dog’s teeth gripping Riley.

Jacqueline’s daughter Melissa was upset over the incident.

She explained: “We were lucky in a way.

“My mum is fit and active and was able to tackle this situation, but she shouldn’t have had to deal with such an incident.

“I shudder to think what could have happened if it was a dog being walked by an elderly person or children.

“My mum had to have a tetanus injection and is now on a course of antibiotics as the skin has been ripped from her fingers.

“Also I am not happy with the attitude of the owner of the dogs to my mother.

“When she asked for his name to report the matter, he was abusive.”

The police have been informed and looking into the matter.

Meantime Riley is being pampered by Jacqueline and Melissa as he recovers from his injuries.