Waiting game

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UDDINGSTON Pride are determined to redevelop Crofthead Park to ensure no developers get ideas about building in it.

Two years ago the Save Crofthead Park Action Group were successful in their protest to stop Lincluden Surgery constructing a new centre in the park.

Now Uddingston Pride are waiting to hear back from the Big Lottery Fund to learn if they can move forward with a £250,000 plan to revitalise the facility.


Uddingston Pride chairwoman Liz Wilson said: “It is supposed to be a play park, yet there is nothing to play on.

“You have the nursery across the road and the two primary schools, that’s 600 kids, and there are two or three swings so we would like to see some upgrades made.

“We have some plans which include a new play area and sports court that we have seen in other places and the estimated cost will be around £250,000.

“Unfortunately we don’t have that sort of money so we have applied to the Big Lottery’s Awards for All for funding.

“We are waiting to hear if we have made it through stage one of the process as to get to stage two would be such a boost to everyone, otherwise we’d just be back where we started.

“We have shown our plans to Play Scotland and while they can’t give us any money have at least been encouraging and we hope the Lottery takes that on board.

“There are other avenues of funding, but really it is all match funding so we need the Lottery to give us a positive start to encourage the others.

“We keep hearing there is all this money out there for projects like ours and hopefully we can manage to get our hands on some it.”

Liz explained why it is necessary that the park be maintained. She said: “It has always been an open space in the village, a little oasis of green you might say, and after all the protests about the surgery plan it’s important that it is looked after so no other developers start getting ideas.”

“We know people enjoy sitting in it and if it was nice maybe dog owners won’t allow their pets to do their business everywhere, but at the moment all we can do is play a waiting game.”

Uddingston and Bothwell councillor Jim McGuigan said: “I was delighted when Crofthead Park was saved from development and fully back Uddingston Pride’s plans as it would certainly benefit from a little tlc.

“Hopefully the people at the Lottery feel the same and will provide the necessary funds to get the project moving in the right direction.”