Village gains Fairtrade status

Lorna Cammock
Lorna Cammock

Uddingston has received the news it is to be awarded Fairtrade status, six years after the village decided it should go for it.

Lorna Cammock said: “There was a meeting of Uddingston Community Council in 2008 where it was first suggested that the village should apply for Fairtrade status.

“I remember Councillor Jim McGuigan getting assurances from South Lanarkshire Council that they would pay for the banners when it happened.

“However, there wasn’t enough people involved and it kind of fizzled out.”

Not one to give up Lorna, along with a core steering group of Fiona Chirnside, Mary Reilly and Jenny Miller set about promoting Fairtrade throughout the village.

Lorna said: “I don’t think anyone could argue that Fairtrade is not a good thing, it is the difference between a farmer being able to send their children to school or not or being able to afford medicine when they get sick.

“I met with people from Rutherglen to find out what they did to achieve Fairtrade status and pick up some tips .

“Uddingston Grammar and the local churches got on board with us, but when we had last applied were told there wasn’t enough Fairtrade goods being sold in the village.

“Happily this time are now enough local businesses and shops supplying Fairtrade goods to meet the criteria.”

Lorna is planning an official celebration of Uddingston being awarded Fairtrade status to tie in with Musicfest.

She said: “We have been e-mailed to tell us we have met the criteria, but told there is a backlog for it to be official.

“We have been asked to choose a date for when we are to receive the award which normally takes about six weeks to get through.

“However as that will take us into the Christmas period it is most likely we will hold off and tie it in with the launch of next year’s Musicfest.”