Using their initiative

A NEW group has been formed to support the development of additional sports and social facilities in Bellshill and Mossend.

The key aim of the BellshillMossend Community Initiative is to bring together a number of different sports and pursuits to create a new facility which existing clubs and societies can use to enhance their current programmes of activity.

The group is keen to engage the general public as well as established clubs and societies in developing the proposition and ensuring a vision that addresses the needs and desires of the local community.

A number of sites around the community are already under consideration, each presenting their own range of opportunities and challenges.

As well as potential sites and facilities, the club is also considering sources of funding to support future development.

Colin MacFarlane, spokesman for the BellshillMossend Community Initiative, said: “There are some great activities going on around the community at present, but we feel sure local residents would benefit from additional facilities.

“In particular we would look to be able to build on the success of existing initiatives and where we might be able to make effective use of a site which is currently under-utilised.

“We want to establish something which is complementary to, rather than in competition with, current provision.

“Following a recent meeting with representatives of North Lanarkshire Council, we are working together to consider the potential for development of one such site at Strathclyde Park.”

Early consultation has already highlighted a number of non-sport initiatives which could also be of benefit to the community and the views of all interested parties is actively being sought.

A number of meetings which will be open to the public and visits to community groups, both non-sport and sport, are planned in the near future.

Colin continued: “We’re delighted with the engagement we’ve already had with a number of local contacts with an interest in the proposition.

“But with the formation of this new group, we would welcome the involvement of more people, whether representatives of other groups or individuals with a keen interest in supporting the development of new sports and leisure facilities in the local area.”