Unison pledges to fight North Lanarkshire Council compulsory job losses

PUBLIC service union Unison has called on North Lanarkshire Council to guarantee there will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of its budget cuts.

The council recently agreed a £60 million savings package which will result in the loss of 744 jobs.

They have said they hope to achieve most of the reductions through deletion of vacant posts, voluntary redundancies, early retirement and redeployment.

And Unison North Lanarkshire branch secretary John Mooney this week warned councillors that the 7,000 members of the union would fight to oppose any compulsory redundancies or reductions in pay or hours.

He said: “Throughout the budget setting process we made it clear that we would not accept any compulsory redundancies, or reductions in our members pay or hours of work.

“Sadly, we have not had any guarantees on compulsory redundancies, and we have members who will be forced to work term time hours.

“We will fight every step of the way for our members, and we call on them to give us the guarantees that we have asked for.

“Our dedicated public service workers will be left with increased workloads, below-inflation pay rises and a massive attack on working hours and conditions which will damage not just them and their families - but will further threaten the delivery of vital services to our hard pressed communities.”

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “The council has made its position clear. We will do our utmost to avoid compulsory redundancies.

“We are well aware of Unison’s position but it is worth pointing out that in the last two years, when the council’s establishment was reduced by 750 full-time posts, there were just three compulsory redundancies and those only after alternative employment had been offered to and rejected by the employees involved.”