Turning at busy junction is not right

PC Craig Johnstone and Sgt Gail Nicol at the junction.
PC Craig Johnstone and Sgt Gail Nicol at the junction.

Motorists in Motherwell are being warned to take heed of the no right turn signs at the Hamilton Road and High Road junction - or face a £50 ticket.

Local police are focusing on the town centre spot following a string of complaints from concerned members of the public.

Community Policing Sergeant Gail Nicol, of Motherwell police office, is urging drivers to abide by the rules as displayed by road markings and signs before an accident occurs.

She said: “We probably all know of a location which we would say is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

“Since the large majority of road accidents are caused primarily by human error, sadly accidents can occur almost anywhere.

“Over the forthcoming weeks you will see a more visible presence on Hamilton Road at the junction with High Road, in an effort to modify illegal driving behaviours from performing a prohibited right turn.

“Officers will take appropriate action to tackle this problem.

“Our enforcement actions will see drivers being issued with a £50 Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalty Ticket for performing a right hand turn where prohibited.”

The issue was also highlighted to police by local councillor Michael Ross.

He said: “This is something I have raised with the police and I’m delighted that Sergeant Nicol is doing something about it. It is breached at least a dozen times a day.

“If you stand at the cross, you can see drivers making illegal right turns from Hamilton Road into High Road all too often.

“I’ve even seen pensioners almost knocked down.

“It is just people being inconsiderate and lazy, and it has to stop.”