Tribute after death of ex- head Ronnie

Ronnie Equi
Ronnie Equi

Tribute has been paid to Ronnie Equi, the first headteacher of Cardinal Newman High in Bellshill, who died last week.

The school opened in 1977 and one of his successors, Isablle Boyd, said: “The foundations were built by Ronnie and I was proud to continue his work. I have friends who were taught by him and they all say he was the best teacher they ever had.

“Tradition is important and to ensure his name would live on in the school down the years we instituted the Ronnie Equi Award for Enterprise which is presented annually to the senior student who has shown resilience and displays ‘can do’ attitudes.

“Ronnie is part of the Hamilton ice cream family, but thankfully he chose to go into education and so many people benefitted from this.

“He was child-centred in education before this became the fashion - an excellent educator and educational leader.”

After retiring Mr Equi and his wife, Mary, were regular visitors to Cardinal Newman for award ceremonies, the Patronal Day mass and other special occasions until his health deteriorated in recent years.