Wait goes on for park and ride

Residents are still waiting for wasteground too be turned into a car park
Residents are still waiting for wasteground too be turned into a car park

Excelsior Park residents will have to wait a while longer before they see a park and ride built at Shieldmuir Station.

The 10-year saga looked to be ending in February when North Lanarkshire Council granted developers Taylor Wimpey permission to build the car park, that was part of conditions for being allowed to construct the housing development in the first place.

The council has agreed once built they will take on maintenance of the car park and the access road.

However Taylor Wimpy now has to seek roads construction consent to begin work on the access road.

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said: “We have received planning permission for the new Excelsior Street car park and detailed elements such as lighting and CCTV have been agreed with the council and Network Rail.

“We have also applied to the council for roads construction consent for the project and are currently in the process of appointing a contractor to carry out preliminary site investigation works, which we are required to complete in order to obtain this consent.

“Once that consent has been achieved, we will be looking to start work on the car park as soon as possible.”

A council spokesperson added: “Construction consent provides approval for all aspects of the design and construction of a new road, and is required for the access road to the new park and ride car park at Shieldmuir.

“We are waiting on all the necessary information from Taylor Wimpey before the consent process can be progressed.“