‘It’s time to end this parking nightmare’

The damage to Lisa Sneddon's car caused by the accident in Range Road
The damage to Lisa Sneddon's car caused by the accident in Range Road

A pregnant Muirhouse woman has started a petition calling for the Shieldmuir park and ride to finally be built after being involved in a car crash.

Lisa Sneddon, her three-year-old son and unborn child all escaped injury following the accident in Range Road last week, but fears her car has been written off.

Lisa, who is three months pregnant, crashed into a parked car after being blinded by the sun, and wants the long awaited park and ride to be built so cars aren’t left at the side of the road.

She said: “I was unfortunately involved in a very terrifying, but avoidable car accident on Thursday.

“I left my house on Toul Gardens at 8.30am, and travelled along Challum Drive turning right onto Range Road as I do every morning to drop my son off at Muirhouse Nursery.

“I was not driving fast as I am always aware of the many children walking to school around our estate.

“However, as I drove around the bend on Range Road, the low autumn sun blinded me to the point where all my windows within my car had a white haze and completely obstructed my view.

“Without having a chance to slow down or even stop, I drove into the back of a parked car, that along with many others, was left at the side of the road in undesignated parking areas, in order to go to the train station.

“Not surprisingly I was extremely shaken, shocked and upset with the prospect of my family being injured, and then subsequently the damaged caused to my nine-month-old car and, of course, the parked car, and the financial impact this will have.

“I would like to raise not only my own personal concerns, but of many neighbours over ongoing issues with cars using the main road as a ‘park and ride’ and the dangers this is causing for all road users, children walking to school, pedestrians and residents.

“This area is not suitable for parked cars, not only to mention what happened to me, but for the many children having to weave in and out of abandoned cars while trying to cross a busy road. It’s now time for immediate action to be taken to end this parking nightmare.”

The saga started more than a decade ago when North Lanarkshire Council granted Taylor Wimpey permission to construct a housing development, with the proviso being they build a car park next to the station.

Over the years the patch of wasteground remained untouched, but the developer now insists it’ll start work in the new year.

Technical director Stephen Andrew said: “We can confirm we are continuing to make progress with the plan to provide a park and ride facility, the associated infrastructure and required landscaping at Shieldmuir station.

“We apologise that complex legal matters delayed our progress, however we are now making plans to start the works required in January and are due for completion in spring 2018.

“We would like to reassure the local community that we remain committed to this project.”

To sign Lisa’s petition visit The Petition Site - search for ‘Shieldmuir’.