Heroes brave the snow to assist stranded drivers

Three Cumbernauld men who came to the aid of drivers stranded in the snow on the motorway over night have been hailed heroes after delivering pizzas and Irn-Bru to people.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 12:37 pm
Traffic Scotland published CCTV images of the motorway network near Cumbernauld on Wednesday night
Traffic Scotland published CCTV images of the motorway network near Cumbernauld on Wednesday night

Adam Kirk (32), Barry Currie (30) and his dad Peter (50), braved the blizzards to take food and drink to people who were stuck in the snow on the M80 on Wednesday night.

The dedicated trio took pizzas and lentil soup they cooked at home, as well as protein bars, chocolate, bovril, tea and Irn-Bru, to hungry drivers on the motorway.

Adam, a head chef, Barry, a gas technician, and Peter a bin man, walked for almost an hour in the hazardous conditions because they were worried about vulnerable drivers.

Ryan Daly published a grateful image of his snack on Facebook

Adam said: “About 7.30pm my neighbour said him and his dad were thinking about going down to the M80 to take stuff to people stuck in their cars.

“So I packed up what I had in the house and we started walking down. It was like one big picnic.

“It took us about 45 minutes to walk half a mile because the snow was so deep.

“There were no cars on the road heading towards Glasgow so we just walked right down the M80.

Ryan Daly published a grateful image of his snack on Facebook

“I was worried about there being kids, or vulnerable people stuck in their cars, so we just wanted to make sure they were ok.

“We were out for about two hours and everyone was in great spirits and happy to see a face I think.

“We offered our phones to people who had run out of battery in case they wanted to make a phone call.

“We tried to spend 10 minutes talking to the people in each car, just to have a chat with them and let them know what was happening up ahead, because a lot of people couldn’t see too far in front of them.

“It was a bit worrying taking all the food from our own homes, because your thinking, I can’t get out and get anything either.

“But I just thought at least I will be in a warm house. These people were in their cars, so they took priority.”

Ryan Daly (36) was one of the people who received a generous packed lunch while stuck on the M80.

He shared a photo on Facebook of a slice of pizza and a Go Ahead bar that he received on the road.

The post has been liked and shared thousands of times online with many hailing the trio heroes.

Ryan, a development manager from High Valleyfield, Fife, was stranded in his car for around 14 hours and said he was “blown away” by the actions of Adam, Barry and his dad.

Ryan, who eventually arrived home at 6am this morning, said: “Adam, Barry and his dad are great guys.

“Barry knocked on my window and asked if I was ok, which I was, I had a bottle of water so I said to check on the other folk first, incase there were children or elderly people.

“But he said they had plenty of stuff, and when I opened the foil I knew right away it was an M&S pizza - which is exactly what I would have picked.

“I was fine, I was just bored stiff, but I was blown away by the guys and the fact they had come out in that blizzard to help everyone.

“People were delighted to see them because they were so happy.”

The Met Office has finally lifted the amber weather warning over North Lanarkshire although a yellow warning for snow remains in place until 11.55pm tomorrow (Saturday) and yellow warning for snow and ice will run all day on Sunday and Monday.

School across the local authority remain closed for a third day although registration services in Motherwell, Airdrie and Bellshill with a limited number of appointments.

Waste collections services are postponed for the rest of the day and will be reviewed for the weekend, while housing repairs are continuing for emergencies only.

North Lanarkshire Leisure has opened the Tryst Sport Centre, Time Capsule, Ravenscraig, Shotts (no pool facility) and the Aquatec until 7pm, all other facilities are closed along with those run by Culture NL.

The only trains running in North Lanarkshire are from Croy to Glasgow and Edinburgh, but First Glasgow reports it is returning to a near regular schedule.