A clear sign speeding isn’t on

Gary O'Rorke has welcomed the installation of the new signs
Gary O'Rorke has welcomed the installation of the new signs

Drivers heading north on Shields Road in Muirhouse will have no excuse for not watching their speed now.

Two new solar powered illuminated signs have been installed near the junction of Shields Road and Shields Drive which tell drivers how fast they are travelling — they will be activated by anyone travelling more than 30mph.

Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig councillor Gary O’Rorke first approached the council over a year ago about getting these signs put in place after constituents told him they were concerned about the speed some vehicles were travelling on the downhill section of road.

Councillor O’Rorke said: “Over the past year or so I have been pursuing getting two road speed sign indicators placed on Shields Road.

“This is an excellent example of local people suggesting good ideas, in this case public safety on a very busy road, and I am delighted that after many months and hurdles to overcome that these new speed indicator signs are now in place and working.

“These will assist drivers in realising the speed they are doing, as it can be all to easy for to drive perhaps unintentionally faster than they should be going on a downhill section of road, potentially endangering both members of the public and themselves.

“The feedback I have been getting from local people is excellent, they have informed me that traffic is now noticeably slowing down, significantly improving road safety especially for the young and older members of our community.

“I would like to thank those who suggested to me that these signs would be very desirable, and I would also like to thank the officers and workers from the council who have assisted and advised all the way through this process.

“This is a great outcome for everyone in the Muirhouse and Flemington area, and is an excellent example of an idea being put to a councillor by local people, which is agreed and acted upon by staff from North Lanarkshire Council’s Roads Department so well done all round.”

A council spokesperson added: “Solar powered signs have been erected on a downhill length of Shields Road, immediately prior to its junction with Shields Drive.

“These signs will be activated by vehicles travelling in excess of 30mph, to remind drivers of the speed limit which exists and improving road safety along this road.”