Trainspotting sequel filming at The Orb

Danny Boyle (grey shirt) popped out to talk to crew members
Danny Boyle (grey shirt) popped out to talk to crew members

Hollywood came to Bellshill today (Tuesday) as the cast and crew of Trainspotting 2 filmed scenes at The Orb.

The sequel to the 1996 cult favourite has been filmed at various locations over the past week weeks including a shopping centre in Edinburgh, the Scottish Parliament and the streets of Blackburn.

Today it was the turn of the Hamilton Road pub to provide the setting.

Strachan Street and Orbiston Street were closed off to allow dozens of vehicles carrying equipment and people to be parked outside the venue.

Dozens of extras relaxed in the June sunshine outside waiting for their moment to be on camera and at one point director Danny Boyle was seen mingling and chatting with them after they had received instructions from his assistants.

More reclusive were actors Ewan McGregor who plays Mark Renton and Johnny Lee Miller who plays Sick Boy who arrived in separate vehicles with blacked out windows and were immediately whisked inside without so much as glance to the few local people who had gathered hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars.

There was no sign of Ewen Bremer and Robert Carlyle, but this was also the case when McGregor and Miller were spotted handing in a ”petition” at the Scottish Parliament at the weekend while Bremner and Carlyle were both filmed separately in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, and Bathgate respectively in the past few weeks.

The Orb was chosen to feature in the movie last month after the popular working men’s venue was spotted by researchers looking for “gritty” locations.

The Speaker understands the extras have been cast to play a group of “loyalists” and it appears The Orb is the location for a celebration or party for members of the Orange Order.

There were no bowler hats or aprons on show, but a few Union Flag t-shirts could be seen amongst the men and women dressed for a night out.

The filming continues in Bellshill tomorrow (Wednesday) and Trainspotting 2 is due for release in January.