Network Rail has no plans to close Motherwell crossing ... for now

The level crossing at Bellshill Road/Logans Road in Motherwell
The level crossing at Bellshill Road/Logans Road in Motherwell

Network Rail claims it has no plans to seek closure of the level crossing in Motherwell.

Back in July the company tweeted it would like level crossings ‘closed’ in the wake of a delivery lorry getting stuck on the railway line between Logans Road and Bellshill Road.

Motherwell West councillor Meghan Gallacher wrote to Network Rail asking them to explain their tweet.

It responded that its statistics ‘demonstrate level crossings are the single biggest risk to train safety on the railway network’, but had no plans for Motherwell.

Chief executive Mark Carne told Councillor Gallacher: “Network Rail is not suggesting all level crossings should be closed as that would not be practical or affordable.

“Our policy at present is to focus our attention on those crossings which are judged to present the highest risk of a collision.

“Where we do suggest closure of a level crossing, we carry out full consultations with the relevant local authority and local communities.

“At present, there are no level crossings in your constituency which are being considered for closure.”

Councillor Gallacher suggested this may not be the last we hear of this.

She said: “It seems clear Network Rail don’t like level crossing and would close all they could.

“They may not have plans for Motherwell at the moment, but that might not always be the case, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it.”