Fears over danger at junction

Bellshill bypass pictured from North Road during construction of the new road layout
Bellshill bypass pictured from North Road during construction of the new road layout

Bellshill Community Council has written to Transport Scotland over fears a junction on the Bellshill bypass is becoming dangerous.

The junction in question is where the A8 slip road and North Road joins with the newly constructed Bellshill bypass.

It has been suggested that the sequencing of the lights needs to be looked as at the moment vehicles trying to turn right from both the A8 slip road and North Road go at the same time.

Community council member John Devlin said: “We have seen numerous accidents at that junction since it opened, it hardly seems there is a day does by where there isn’t bits of bumper or worse lying at the roadside.

“I couldn’t say for sure the sequence of the lights is to blame, but it certainly can’t be helping matters.

“Surely it would be more sensible, and a lot safer, just to allow one side to go at a time, that way we wouldn’t have situation of people trying to turn right from either side through the flow of oncoming traffic.

“Every time you try to turn down to Whifflet from Bellshill it is a scary proposition and my fear is that eventually someone will be killed and only then will anyone act on it.”

Although not aware of any specific issues at the junction Transport Scotland has agreed to ask its partners to investigate.

A spokesman said: “We have not yet received a letter from Bellshill Community Council, however the safety of the local community and road users is of the utmost importance to us.

“We constantly monitor all roads and junctions to identify any safety issues.

“Our contractor for the M8/M73/M74 Motorway Improvements project, Scottish Roads Partnership (SRP), has confirmed that the junction has been constructed in accordance with all relevant national standards.

“However, SRP is committed to reviewing the efficiency of this junction and will ensure that any changes will be implemented, if required.

“We have also brought these concerns to the attention of Police Scotland who are investigating.”