‘Action needed at crash junction’

Scott and Louise Anderson and Chelsey Marks (right) and their children at the section of garden wall damaged in the second crash last week. Pic: Alan Watson
Scott and Louise Anderson and Chelsey Marks (right) and their children at the section of garden wall damaged in the second crash last week. Pic: Alan Watson

A petition has been started calling for traffic calming on The Loaning in Motherwell following two road accidents last week.

Last Tuesday (July 4) a taxi crashed into the garden wall of Scott and Louise Anderson’s house and then on Thursday (July 6) two cars collided and damaged the wall even further.

Scott and Louise’s house sits at the junction of The Loaning and Ladywell Road and say in the 18 months they have lived there they have been aware of several accidents.

Louise said: “I can think of seven or eight incidents since we moved here and it is now getting very concerning, particularly at that junction.

“I spoke to someone from the road’s department and they said they could put up a crash barrier, but then they’d just hit that so it doesn’t solve the problem.”

Scott added: “What would have happened if our children at been playing in the garden at the time of either of these latest accidents? It gets to the stage you are scared to let them out.

“It’s clear there is a problem here and while North Lanarkshire Council have come to repaint some lines and replace a Give Way sign we’d been telling them about for weeks that’s not enough.

“Thursday’s accident happened at 9.30am, I know it is all if and buts, but if that had happened an hour earlier the week before there would almost certainly have been kids going to Ladywell Primary nearby.

“Do we need something dreadful to happen before action is taken, or can we hopefully get something done before then?”

A petition has been started by Chelsey Marks, who lives across the road from Scott and Louise, at change.org demanding action on traffic calming.

She said: “We all know accidents happen, but when accidents happen on the same section of road, knocking down the same wall time and time again you have to ask is there a problem?

“As a resident I can see the speed of cars flying along The Loaning, late at night I can hear the roar of them going down Ladywell Road or along The Loaning. Better yet I can feel my entire house shake.

“My fear is that at some point it want be a wall that is damaged it will be a person that is hurt. An innocent passers-by or a child playing in a garden.

“There is a need for some form of traffic management on Ladywell Road and The Loaning and it’s time North Lanarkshire Council addressed this.”

Louise added: “We’re not for a moment suggesting what traffic calming is the most appropriate, that is for the road’s department to decide, but please decide something.”

The council plans to look into past accident records and carry out a speed survey to decide if action is needed.

A spokesperson said: “We are reviewing the Police Scotland accident records for the cause of the accidents at this location over the last few years, and we will carry out a traffic speed survey to determine if any improvement works are required.”