Times to the rescue as Motherwell parking fines scrapped

Jon Short with the parking ticket that has now been cancelled.
Jon Short with the parking ticket that has now been cancelled.

Fines for overstaying in Motherwell town centre car parks at night have been scrapped - thanks to the Motherwell Times and an angry motorist.

Jon Short didn’t think there would be a problem when he left his car in the near-deserted area behind the shops in Brandon Parade after 6pm.

He went to the nearby Wetherspoons pub for a family meal to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

But the 26-year-old plasterer got a shock a few days later when a parking penalty notice arrived in the post. It demanded £80 because he had exceeded the three-hour car park time limit.

Mr Short, of Newarthill, said: “I was taken aback. I don’t dispute I was in the wrong, but I didn’t realise the limit was in force 24 hours a day.”

His aunt also got a fine for exceeding the three-hour limit that night, but both have been cancelled after Motherwell town centre manager Geraldine El Masrour intervened.

She said: “I’m glad this has been brought to our attention. We want to develop a night economy so we can’t have this parking restriction. From now on the limit will not apply after 6pm.”

More on this story in the Motherwell Times, out tomorrow.