Times & Speaker launch women’s page

MOST of us will agree with James Brown when he sings. “This is a man’s world but it’s nothing without a woman or a girl.”

The men of this world might be leaders, providers and decision-makers but more women are too, and they are doing all this while raising families and in some cases against a lot of adversity.

The Times & Speaker wants to celebrate this and the achievements of women by launching a page dedicated to just the girls.

Tuesday marked the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day which gives us the perfect excuse to treat our female readers.

Every week we will hightlight the things we think you will like, discuss the issues that matter to you and as a bonus our reporters Stacey Mullen and Stefanie McCourt are undertaking a charity challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support, which helps thousands of women affected by cancer every year.

For full story, see this week’s Times & Speaker, dated Thursday, March 10.