Time to bin your festive rubbish

There is no need to fly tip with so many official waste recycling sites
There is no need to fly tip with so many official waste recycling sites

With problems of fly tipping set to rise as people dump festive rubbish, residents are being urged to dispose of their waste responsibly.

Councils see a significant increase in the amount of rubbish dumped illegally after the Christmas period which can create a safety hazard, cause problems with vermin and be an eyesore in communities.

Councillor Helen McKenna, convener of North Lanarkshire Council’s environmental services committee, said: “Fly tipping is illegal and anyone caught faces a £200 fixed penalty notice or prosecution.

“Last year more than 100 fixed penalty notices were issued to fly tippers in North Lanarkshire, mainly for trivial dumping that was avoidable.

“Every year it costs the council £5 million to remove fly tipping and litter from our communities, money which could be used to provide other important local services.

“The majority of residents dispose of their rubbish responsibly and we would ask people who see incidents of fly tipping to report it to us on 01698 40311. They should provide as many details of the location, people or vehicles involved, including registration numbers, as they can.”

The council says there is no need for anyone to dump rubbish as it provides various waste services free of charge.

Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and plastics can be placed in the blue recycling bins while bottles and jars go in the new glass bins delivered to homes in November.

Real Christmas trees can be collected free of charge as a special uplift by phoning Northline on 01698 403110.

If you have more rubbish than you can place in your domestic bins, the council’s seven household waste recycling centres are open every day from 8am to 8pm.

Details of these sites are available on the council website or by phoning 01698 403110.