They’ve done very well

Headteacher Patricia Ashworth celebrates Ladywell Primary receiving five 'very goods' with school captains, vice-captains, junior road safety officers and some of P1.
Headteacher Patricia Ashworth celebrates Ladywell Primary receiving five 'very goods' with school captains, vice-captains, junior road safety officers and some of P1.

LADYWELL Primary in Motherwell is a model of consistency according to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of education (HMIe).

The inspectors’ visit took place back in June and the school received a mark of ‘very good’ in all five quality indicators - improvements in performance, learners’ experiences, meeting learning needs, the curriculum and improvement through self-evaluation.

Key strengths of the school were noted as polite, well-behaved, articulate children who are proud of their school; effective partnerships with parents and the wider community to support children’s learning; highly-effective teamwork across staff who are open to new ideas which help provide improved experiences for children; the impressive use of outdoor learning to make learning relevant; and the improvement of the curriculum led by the headteacher and senior managers.

Inspector Marie McAdam said: “We are confident that children learn and achieve very well, in and beyond the classroom.

“They are happy and enjoy their learning, are highly motivated, keen to learn and proud of their school.

“They benefit from learning in a school which regularly celebrates their wide and varied achievements.

“The school’s recently revised positive behaviour policy is working well and we found that almost all children behave very well, respect each other and try hard during lessons.

“In all classes, children are becoming increasingly active in their learning, staff are developing the use of learning logs to encourage children to reflect on their learning.

“Most children are aware of their strengths and the areas they need to improve and this positive feature of learning will continue to improve as staff develop target setting further with children.”

Ms McAdam also praised the work of headteacher Patricia Ashworth saying: “The headteacher provides strong leadership, her vision for the school clearly aims to achieve the highest quality education for all children and staff respect their views.”

Ms Ashworth said: ““I am so proud of this report and it is a fitting testimony to all the hard work and effort put in by so many people, my wonderful staff, both teaching and non teaching, the pupils and the great support and encouragement given by our parents.

“In my opinion Ladywell Primary is a fantastic school and this report is evidence of the quality of the work that takes place here. I hope that everyone associated with the school feels the same way that I do.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my staff including my management team for all that they do and for the time that they give to Ladywell Primary School.

I would also like to thank the parents, the PTA and Parent Council for their continued support.”

Ladywell Parent Council chairman Graham Watson added: “All the parents are in agreement that the report was excellent and they were all very pleased with it.”

There will be no further visit from inspectors and in the meantime the school has agreed to develop further approaches to ensuring pace and challenge meet the needs of all; and continue to develop approaches to assessing and tracking progress in children’s learning.