Test could save life says health chief

SENT IN - dr jennifer darnborough
SENT IN - dr jennifer darnborough

Women across Lanarkshire are being urged to make the most of this year’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which runs until Sunday (January 30), by adding one life-saving appointment to their diary.

NHS Lanarkshire is asking all women aged 20-60 to make their cervical screening appointment a priority and reminds them to be tested every three years.

Despite the test being quick, free and easy, almost a quarter of the 175,000 eligible women in Lanarkshire never take up their appointment and ignoring it leaves women unprotected from the early signs of cervical cancer.

Dr Jennifer Darnborough, NHS Lanarkshire’s cervical screening programme coordinator said: “We want to encourage as many women as possible to go for their cervical screening (smear) test by putting it on their list of important things to do.”

Many teenagers have received the HPV vaccine, which can prevent the virus which causes cancer, but they should also attend for cervical screening when they reach the age of 20.

Dr Darnborough continued: “The HPV vaccine is a fantastic step forward, but it’s not enough on its own.

“It’s vital that all women, whether they have been immunised or not, take up their invitation to have a cervical screening test. We know that this is our best protection against the disease.”

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