Tesco girl says “yes”!

Bellshill girl Yasmin Devine couldn ‘t believe her eyes when boyfriend Mark Rowantree popped the question - in Tesco,

Yasmin, 21, works at Bellshill’s Tesco, and all her colleagues - ably abetted by Mark and relatives - were in on the act.

Yasmin is shocked after Mark's proposal

Yasmin is shocked after Mark's proposal

The couple have been “an item” for just over a year, and, said Mark’s brother David, a wedding has increasingly been on the cards.

But possibly the last thing Yasmin expected when she was called to the service desk of the store where she’s worked for the past seven years was to find Mark waiting to ask her the ultimate question - watched by all her colleagues and friends.

An agonising pause while she took in the situation, and the question, was followed by spontaneous applause from shoppers when - no doubt to the reliefr of Mark, 23 - she answered “yes”.

Just in case anyone missed the drama Mark had, with the store’s collusion, popped his question over the store Tannoy system.

It was a “special offer” announcement Yasmin couldn’t turn down, and also a great piece of free entertainment for scores of customers at one of the busiest times of the week.