Teachers call for rethink over council ‘cuts’ plan

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North Lanarkshire’s largest union for teachers and lecturers has urged councillors to reconsider plans to reduce teaching jobs.

Alan Gardner, president of the Educational Institite of Scotland’s North Lanarkshire branch, has called for a rethink as the final year of North Lanarkshire Council’s 2013-2016 budget cycle looms.

He said: “The impact of the 50 per cent reduction in the number of network Support for Learning teachers is already being sorely felt by children and young people in NLC schools this session.

“With over 100 teaching jobs planned to be axed next session by North Lanarkshire Council, the further threat to the quality of children’s learning experiences and their life chances is crystal clear.

“It is ironic that such a course of action is being followed in the very week that the Scottish Parliament has announced a major cross-party enquiry into the ‘education gap’ which persists across Scotland and which is fuelled by inequality and deprivation.”