Teacake boldly goes into space

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Tens of thousands watched a live action video of a Tunnock’s Teacake hurtling into space yesterday.

The iconic Tunnock’s Teacake was carried to a height of 37,000.007 metres on a weather balloon launched by Glasgow Science Centre, which later said the edible treat from Uddingston had survived its journey more or less intact.

The historic flight began at Mission Control in Houston (Renfrewshire).

Dr Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Scientific Centre, said: “We engage people with space science every day and we thought what better way to spark people’s imaginations and interest than for us to launch something into space ourselves.

“We are delighted by how many people joined us at GSC and online.”

Minor damage suffered on the return leg of the mission was probably sustained during the teacake’s landing in a tree in Galloway Forest Park.

The flight lasted two hours and four minutes, and it took an hour and 29 minutes to reach its peak altitude.