Tax credit cuts are ‘assault on working poor’

Clare Adamson MSP
Clare Adamson MSP

It is estimated that 5,500 children in Motherwell and Wishaw will be affected by the cuts to tax credits announced by George Osborne in the recent budget.

Central Scotland MSP Clare Adamson declared the cuts as “shameful” with almost 350,000 children set to be worse off.

The SNP MSP commented: “Figures show that the vast majority of children in poverty in the UK live in working households as the Tory government’s relentless assault on the working poor continues. George Osborne’s shameful cuts were always going to hammer those in our society who were already struggling to get by. It is children who are going to pay a particularly heavy price with 5,000 in Motherwell and Wishaw alone set to lose out.”.

She added: “The Tory government should be utterly ashamed that the number of children from working families living in poverty has grown under their watch but, as these cuts to tax credits show, they are intent on intensifying their punitive cuts agenda as their slavish devotion to right-wing ideology trumps any commitment to supporting those in need.

“Working families and vulnerable people in Scotland can’t afford for decisions over the economy and social security to continue to be made by the likes of George Osborne. It’s time for these powers to be transferred to Scotland, allowing us to take real action to truly tackle poverty.”