Supermarket could result in job cuts

A MUSLIM delegation to Ladywell Community Council has warned a new supermarket in Motherwell could cost more jobs than it creates.

The proposed Sainsbury’s in Hamilton Road, on the site of the former bus depot, will create around 300 jobs, but Abdul Dean, who led the delegation, suggested the number lost from the town centre will be many times that.

Mr Dean, a Govan businessman, is currently involved in the fight to stop Tesco opening a new store in Partick, and saw the damage Asda did to his shop in Govan.

He said: “Yes, the supermarket may create 300 jobs, but at what cost?

“I had a shop in Govan selling clothes, but after Asda opening in Helen Street I found I was unable to compete and had to close.

“There are already 15 empty units in Motherwell town centre, add a supermarket and things will only get worse.

“For every job created by Sainsbury’s, many more will be lost.”

However, not everyone is of the belief that Sainsbury’s will be bad for local jobs with developer Paul Wellstead of the opinion that better shops will help fill an adjacent office building.

He said: “Once occupied, Airbles House will create 170 jobs and potential tenants are keen to see that there are excellent shopping opportunities for staff nearby.”

Ladywell Community Council have written to North Lanarkshire Council to request a site visit and hearing with several objectors concerned about an increase in traffic around the Airbles Road-Hamilton Road junction.