Store giant’s future vision

The new look for the proposed Sainsbury's store
The new look for the proposed Sainsbury's store
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SAINSBURY’S have made changes to their proposed Motherwell store to give it a futuristic look.

On Monday the supermarket giant lodged a revised submission with North Lanarkshire Council for the Hamilton Road site which includes a comprehensive redesign of the rear of the building.

Previously the store was to be rectangular-shaped, but the new plans look futuristic with a striking curved wall making it look almost like a spaceship.

It’s also propsed to change materials with timber vertical panelling, glazing and metal cladding being used.

It is hoped the new look will have more visual appeal to shoppers and residents and be more in tune with the surrounding environment.

In addition, there are plans for more trees in the car parking area.

This means that from Hamilton Road, the view will now be of the tops of trees rather than the car park.

Sainsbury’s regional town planning manager Jeff Wilson said: “Following on from our community consultation and extensive engagement with North Lanarkshire Council, we are pleased with the revised design which we believe complements the neighbouring landscape and enhances what is a prominent gateway into Motherwell.

“These proposed amendments show our commitment to work closely with local residents and stakeholders while we go forward to determination.”

Meanwhile, Ladywell Community Council hit out at after discovering Sainsbury’s plan to carry out deliveries to the store ‘at night’.

It had been assumed that deliveries would not be carried out later than the store’s proposed closing time of 10pm.

The company are still working on a schedule, but the Motherwell Times understands that while non-perishable items will be delivered around 2pm in the afternoon, fresh produce will arrive at the store in ‘the early hours’.

Community council chairman Alan Wylie said: “They are clearly doing things they said they wouldn’t do.

“The issues regarding night time deliveries were raised at an earlier meeting with the Sainsbury’s representatives and we asked for a similar situation as happens with the ASDA store in Motherwell in that they don’t take deliveries during anti-social hours.

“We were told this would happen here, too – but now that has changed.”

Mr Wilson responded: “We are aware that the Ladywell Community Council has concerns about night time deliveries.

“We have actively engaged with residents close to the site regarding delivery procedures and have included as part of our proposals an acoustic fence, which the enviornmental health office have agreed will act as a substantial noise barrier for local residents at all times.”

The revised plans can be viewed on the eplanning section at