Steven elected in Thorniewood vote

Steven Bonnar celebrates victory at the Thorniewood by-election with SNP colleagues
Steven Bonnar celebrates victory at the Thorniewood by-election with SNP colleagues

The SNP’s Steven Bonnar was elected as the new councillor for the Thorniewood ward at North Lanarkshire Council in last week’s by-election.

With a turn out of just 28.2 per cent the quota of victory was set at 1,655 through the Single Transferable Vote system.

Although Councillor Bonnar failed to reach this target after all six stages had been completed he was declared as the winner by returning officer Gavin Whitefield with 130 more votes than his nearest challenger, Labour’s Hugh Gaffney.

He now joins council leader Jim McCabe and financial convener Bob Burrows of Labour in representing Thorniewood.

Councillor Bonnar said: “It’s been a long hard slog, but we got over the line in what is probably the strongest Labour ward in the UK, never mind Scotland, so it is a phenomenal result for the SNP.

“I’m absolutely delighted that the people of Viewpark and Tannochside have put their faith in me to represent them.

“I decided to stand when I heard SNP politicians and others talk about things I identified with, equality, social justice, fairness and standing up to cuts affecting communities like this all over the UK.

“I joined the SNP as a vehicle to ensure these things are delivered to the people of the Thorniewood ward and the Scotland as a whole.

“I was buoyed by the General Election result that things might go our way here as I worked closely on the campaign to get Phil Boswell elected as the MP.

“I had great support from Phil, from Richard Lyle MSP, councillors Marina Lyle and David Baird and all across the party.

“The party chose me to stand and I’m thrilled that I have been able to deliver and I will now work hard for the people of Viewpark and Tannochside and for the SNP.

“I was expecting it to be close and so it proved, I was engaged during the referendum and that gave me something to believe in, I joined the SNP the day after we lost the referendum and here I am an elected member and that means the world to me.

“I believe I have been put in due to the strong message of social justice, of fairness, looking after the poor which resonated with the people of Viewpark and Tannochside.

“The best asset to this place is the people, they are the salt of the earth, I had to leave here at 17 in order to find long-term employment, but I returned here to raise my family because I knew what a great community it was.

“This is the place I chose to raise my child, she eats her lunch in the very dinner hall at John Paul II Primary where I was elected, so I’m a bit overwhelmed.

“I’m now looking forward to getting started on the things that need delivered for the people of Viewpark and Tannochside.“