St Bernadette’s send off aid to Malawi project

St Bernadette's Malawi Partnership team with their Africa-bound container
St Bernadette's Malawi Partnership team with their Africa-bound container

Members of a partnership group in Motherwell couldn’t contain themselves last week as they gave a great send-off to their Malawi aid items.

The St Bernadette’s Malawi Partnership team gathered to send off a container containing goods to be donated to its partnership parish community in Namulenga, Malawi.

With them were representatives from St Bernadette’s Primary School, Our Lady’s High School, Clydeview School and Ailsa Nursery who all made significant contributions to the team’s appeal.

The partnership team was set up last September and its first project was to gather donations of backpacks, bicycles, clothes and educational supplies and raise a minimum of £5000. to cover the cost of sending the goods to Malawi.

But thanks to the wonderful generosity and support of all parishioners, the four local schools, Scotia Aid, Classrooms for Malawi and Mary’s Meals, they exceeded all expectations.

Not only they did achieve funding for the container, but also funding for a Classrooms for Malawi project to refurbish three classrooms in the partnership parish.

A local builder in Malawi is currently carrying out this work and this week a party of seven people from St Bernadette’s - all self-funding - are travelling to Malawi to literally lend a helping hand.

The party, including parish priest Fr Stephen Reilly and St Bernadette’s Primary headteacher Christine Boyle, will complete the finishing touches of the refurbishment project by painting all three classrooms.

Mrs Boyle will also be taking some of the St Bernadette’s’ pupils work out to show their Malawian counterparts - pupils from Motherwell and Namulenga have been taking part in joint projects such as ‘What I See From My Window’ and ‘Games I Play’.

Arrangement will also be made for two Malawi teachers to visit Motherwell next year.