Speed trap

St Bernadette's P3 check out Watling Street
St Bernadette's P3 check out Watling Street

Pupils at St Bernadette’s Primary have been learning about road safety by monitoring the speed of cars in the area around the North Motherwell school and collected some concerning results.

All 166 youngsters in the school were given the use of police radar guns to collect the speeds at three different locations, each of which is a ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ zone.

Each year group spend an hour at their allocated location over five days with P1-3 in Watling Street, P4-5 on The Loaning and P6-7 at Ladywell Road.

A total of 38 vehicles were caught going over 30 mph, indeed Room 6-7 had no cars at all going under that speed along Ladywell Road.

The highest speed captured by a pupil was 50 mph, while the lowest was 11 mph.

Motherwell West councillor Michael Ross was appalled by the figures and has written to North Lanarkshire Council’s head of roads and transportation Graham MacKay to see what action can be taken.

He said: “It is a recommended 20 mph zone, but people are doing 50 mph WHICH is completely unacceptable.

“I have been complaining about speeding here for years and have now written to the roads and transportation department to see what action the council will take here in conjunction with Strathclyde Police to stop this.”