Solved! Farm is key to wall name puzzle

Sign's a talking point in New Stevenston.
Sign's a talking point in New Stevenston.

VILLAGERS have been mystified by a name which appeared on an ornamental wall in New Stevenston.

The stone feature is at the entrance to a woodland walk off Jerviston Street. But the name on the wall, Riccard Johnston, puzzled many.

One villager said: “I have lived in New Stevenston for more than 50 years and that name means nothing to me.” Another said: “My daughter went on the internet, but could find nothing for Riccard Johnston.”

However, North Lanarkshire Council said Riccard Johnston was the name of a farm which once stood there. The name was revived for an environmental project.

Councillor Helen McKenna said: “We came across the name in an old map. We thought it would be a talking point and that’s certainly been the case as even taxi drivers are asking what it’s all about!

“I think it’s nice that an old name like that is being brought back to the village.

“A lot of work has been done to improve the woodland there and I think the walking trails will be well used.”