Soldier Tom returns to action after promotion

Bombardier Tom Grant with daughters Nieve (3) and Tiegan (1)
Bombardier Tom Grant with daughters Nieve (3) and Tiegan (1)

North Motherwell soldier Tom Grant has received promotion to Bombardier and is soon to go on a second tour to Afghanistan.

The former Our Lady’s High pupil serves in the 40th regiment of The Royal Artillery and until recently was acting as a personal protection officer for the Governor of Edinburgh Castle.

Tom (27) joined the army straight from school and has previously served two tours of Iraq as well as Afghanistan and many other conflict zones.

His mum Michelle said: “Tom loves being a soldier and we are very proud of him.

“Of course you get nervous when he heads off to conflict zones, but he is good at his job and you just hope he comes back safe.”

Major General David Shaw, General Officer Commanding 2nd Division and Governor of Edinburgh Castle, added: “The army is well known for being a meritocracy, and rewarding potential and hard work is a very satisfying part of the job.”

Full story in October 6 edition of Motherwell Times