Social club shuts down

Fir Park Social Club has closed for the immediate future
Fir Park Social Club has closed for the immediate future
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FIR Park Social Club closed its doors on Monday night after failing to secure a loan from the brewers.

A new committee was formed in April to save the club, which had racked up debts of £60,000, and believed it was going to receive a £40,000 loan from Heineken.

However, last week the club was informed the loan was no longer on the table and following an emergency meeting it was decided the club could no longer operate in the current circumstances.

Around £22,000 was owed to energy company NPower and the insurance premiums for the Edward Street building had lapsed.

Former treasurer Alex Farmer said: “It all came down to the money we expected to receive from Heineken.

“We could have paid off some small debts, had money in the bank and sorted something out with NPower. But we couldn’t afford to pay the insurance premiums upfront and in good conscience couldn’t remain open with no insurance.

“On a personal note, that makes me very sad as I’ve been a member of the club for more than 30 years. Its closure will leave a big hole in my life and I’m sure the same is true for many other members.”

Heineken were unavailable for comment.

Full story in August 11 edition of Motherwell Times