SNP wants vote of no confidence in Provost Robertson

North Lanarkshire Council provost Jim Robertson
North Lanarkshire Council provost Jim Robertson

The SNP group at North Lanarkshire Council is to present a vote of no confidence in provost Jim Robertson.

On the agenda for the full meeting of the council tomorrow (Thursday) is a notice of motion from Wishaw councillor Rosa Zambonini, seconded by Mossend and Holytown councillor David Baird.

It reads: “That this Council proposes a vote of no confidence in the Provost.”

This comes after Provost Robertson refused to hold a special meeting to discuss the funding of Scottish Autism’s One Stop Shop in Motherwell.

Council rules state that special meetings may be called at any time by the provost or on a written requisition signed by at least one quarter of the 70 councillors.

Earlier this month SNP leader David Stocks expressed his fury that despite more than a quarter of elected members asking for the meeting to take place the request was rejected.

He said: “Provost Jim Robertson has no right anywhere in standing orders to refuse a special meeting.

“Labour claims future funding is for the new NLC-NHS Joint Integrated Board to decide, this is a flimsy excuse and they are hiding behind technicalities.”

Council leader Jim Logue condemned the motion being presented by the SNP.

He said: “Never have I seen such puerile politics.

“This motion is an unwarranted and unprecedented attack on the chair of North Lanarkshire Council.

“Worse, it is a petty, vexatious and vindictive assault on the personal integrity of a man who has served this council with distinction.

Councillor Baird, seconded by Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig councillor Alan Valentine will also present a motion calling on the council to fund the One Stop Shop up to the value of £75,000.